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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re: Adding features during service releases and how/when to tag and branch source code ....

In Buckminster we naturally use Buckminster RMAP files ;-) to control what gets picked/built, and we do tagging and lazy branching of individual projects. 
Trunk is what moves forward. Occasionally a branch is used. When there is a need to review before committing to trunk we use patches (this also works well for non committers). If there is not too many people working on the same parts of the code it seems like too much overhead to have a branch per bug.


 Daniel Pastore  wrote:

> Basically, what we do is:
> - in the trunk (head) we keep the latest code, reviewed and tested
> (ensuring this way that the code is stable);
> - for all bugs (fixes or improvements or new features), we first
> create a branch from the trunk, apply the patches and modifications
> of such bugs to this branch and then after reviewing and testing, we
> merge the code back to trunk.
> Do you guys think this is a good approach? Is there any better
> approach you could recommend us?

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