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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Goolge Guice ( Bundle in Orbit exports wrong packages versions

Hi Gunnar,

thanks for the pointer and the patch for the bundle in the orbit. I've had a look at the original manifest that ships with Guice 2.0 and it is kind of inconsistent from an Eclipse-orbit point of view. First of all, the bundle's name is simply "guice" and the bundle- version is "2.0" while the packages are exported as version "1.2". That may be kind of confusing for users who want to migrate from a require-bundle to an import-package dependency. Furthermore it's not clear which bundle ships the packages in version "1.2" if one simply looks at the bundle version. However, I understand the problem for peaberry and others who import a the respective packages.

As Sven already pointed out, Xtext (as one client of guice who's part of the release train) uses require-bundle to define the dependency on google.inject as it allows to reexport it so I don't expect any problems with the patch that you committed to the orbit.

But since the versioning may be kind of confusing for clients, I'ld say we should ask what others think and postpone the release of a new orbit build to post-helios.


On 15.06.2010, at 08:48, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:

Am 15.06.2010 08:42, schrieb Sven Efftinge:
We don't use package import but require bundle.
But we'll have a look.


Btw. As Sebastian already mentioned in the corresponding bugzilla, the
bits from orbit are slightly modified, [...]

If that is really the case then the bundle likely needs a different
naming and should not use the original one.

Please have a look at:

Especially issue 1:
 "if you modify or add to the library code then using your own
namespace is probably best as you are not incorrectly assigning
responsibility (i.e., blame) to the originator."

Issue 3 might also apply.


Gunnar Wagenknecht
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