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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Outlook for RC4 +2 day

Am 09.06.2010 00:46, schrieb David M Williams:

Good news and bad. I did promote a build in early afternoon (Eastern time) but, there has
been a number of contributions since, yet the build has been prevented from getting very far by, for several hours, all due to

requires ' 3.0.0.v20100608-1558' but it could not be found
This is really strange (at least for me). After analyzing a long time what might have happened, I come to the conclusion that it's related with using the new build2 slave. Usually I take the feature versions for my contribution from this page: . These versions *are* correct.

My promotion mechanism used to copy the content of this disk folder: /opt/users/hudsonbuild/.hudson/jobs/emf-cdo-integration/workspace/result/site.p2

But now I realize that this folder contains old content. I suspect this is because I've built on build2 instead of the master. After searching for a long time I've found the correct and newest artifacts here: /opt/users/hudsonbuild/.hudson/jobs/emf-cdo-integration/builds/2010-06-08_12-58-26/archive/result/site.p2

Is there a way to refer to the latest build artifacts on (a) disk that does neither require to know what the build-id is nor on what node the build was done?

For now I replaced the wrong old artifacts with the correct new ones. The next Helios aggregation should pick them up.

Mail has been sent to
EMF CDO Build Team <stepper@xxxxxxxxxx>
but I have heard no response yet.

How does this happen? Do people work real hard
Yes, 14 hours yesterday until 8pm my time.

to make a hurry up a contribution
No hurry was involved.

and then leave work before seeing if it succeeded?
I even used my iPhone to check the aggregation from time to time. But as you can see from the timestamps my contribution missed aggregation #176 by 2 minutes and was picked up ~2 hours later by #177. At that time I was already unconcious. Sorry for that and thank you for temporarily reverting my contribution.

Guess it goes without saying too much hurry slows everyone down.
But, who am I to judge ....

 ... WTP will be a bit late with final RC4 contribution.
We do have a very nearly final build/contribution at

(made "invisible" on downloads page, unless you go to direct URL).
but there was a late breaking (important) doc contribution that I'd like to get into our final RC4 build,
since I fully expect that to be our last for this release. Apologies for the delay ... it will likely be done
shortly after midnight (the very beginning of RC4 +3 day (the bad news here is that I was thinking all
day that webtools was +3, until right after deciding to do one last build and then remembered we are +2  :(

Remember that at EOD Wednesday (after RC4) I'll turn off auto builds and any further contributions will take
a request and justification for an exception to our final "quiet week".

Thanks all,

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