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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for RC4 +1

We did have a successful aggregation this afternoon, which I promoted to staging. I expect a few more +1 components may contribute today and will promote that late tonight (assuming successful builds).  

That should put us in good shape for RC4 +2 day. (Tuesday). Please remember, if something "fails" in a build, its urgent that it be fixed within an hour or two, as many others will be waiting to make sure their contribution correctly builds.

In case there's any doubt, here's my
for the platform (equinox) re-contribution post RC4 +0 (from previous note to this list), on behalf of the Planning Council.  
It seems appropriately severe and "cross project" enough to justify it.

I will be explicit though, this should not require others to have to rebuild or be late with their own contributions. (Or, if I'm wrong about that, please let us know here on this list!).

This week, RC4 week is a "normal" week for contributions (+1, +2, +3) ... auto-builds running, etc.  I do suspect some projects are done. But we should be able to handle all/any contributions, as long as each build is successful, or corrected very quickly if it breaks.

Late Wednesday or early AM Thursday is when auto builds will be turned off, and rebuilds only done as exceptions.

Hope this helps,

Thanks everyone.

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