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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status on conforming licenses as of RC3

One of our release train requirements this year was to update to the new Eclipse Software User Agreement in our feature licenses. We have made excellent progress on this, going from >700 features with a different license in M6, to only 25 features in RC3. I suspect these projects haven't been monitoring the bug about this [1], so I will list the remaining problematic features here in the hope of them noticing. These projects should consult bug 306627 for more details, which includes a copy of the correct license text, and a pointer to a tool to help with updating features.

Features with no license: 1
====================================== 0.7.0.v20100504-0552-R

Features with the wrong license: 1 (uses the EDL rather than the Eclipse SUA)
====================================== 0.8.1

Features with old license: 23 (using March 2005 edition of the SUA)
====================================== 2.1.0.v20100524-1530-7908_AkF7AG8KEM3CMFA 2.1.0.v20100524-1530-7908_AkF7AG8KEM3CMFA 1.0.0.v20100524-1530-3--8s73533D7B15D93 1.0.0.v20100524-1530-3--8s73533D7B15D93 2.0.0.v20090316-1930-3--7w311A172702611 2.1.0.v20091113-1500-30-7w3121124203411 2.1.0.v20091113-1500-30-7w3121124203411 2.0.0.v20090616-1500-3--7w311A222702741 3.0.0.v20091113-1500-7B1-AkF7AG8ODS3BRLA 2.1.0.v20100524-1530-7A2-AkF7AG8ODS3BRLA 2.1.0.v20100524-1530-7A2-AkF7AG8ODS3BRLA 3.0.0.v20091205-0200-7R6-DN-P3HJz-8_4Nz0jVwf4U8z- 3.0.0.v20091113-1500-7B1-AkF7AG8ODS3BRLA 2.0.0.v20100601_2_0_0_RC3 2.0.0.v20100601_2_0_0_RC3 2.0.0.v20100601_2_0_0_RC3


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