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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Download stats for p2

I'm hoping David can reassure us...

On 06/03/2010 04:27 AM, Igor V. Burilo wrote:
1. I enabled download statistic for Subversive project for feature e.g.
<artifact classifier='org.eclipse.update.feature' id='' version='0.7.9.I20100528-1600'>
      <properties size='4'>
        <property name='download.stats' value=''/>
and for testing installed this feature in Eclipse, but I don't even see this feauture in file list in portal's 'Download Statistic' (as results become available at midnight, I checked them next day). Doesn't it work for features or I did something wrong?
2. Isn't it too late to add download statistic for Helios? As I correctly understand I just need to add 'download.stats' property to Subversive artifacts.xml which latter will be copied by David to needed place and don't add 'p2.statsURI' property (pointing to, do I?
Best regards,
Igor Burilo

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David Williams wrote on 05/19/2010 03:11:49 PM:
> The more technical question, the directions say,  "You can pick one
> plugin in your feature for example "
> Does it have to be a plugin? Could it not be the ""?
> Was there a reason the instructions say "plugin"? For example, is
> there a trick to include a "tracking plugin" in a feature?

The "" is in the metadata but is not an artifact (something that is downloaded during install). There is an artifact containing the feature.xml file that could be used though.  Feature artifacts something like this:

    <artifact classifier='org.eclipse.update.feature' id='org.eclipse.sdk' version='...'

The stats mechanism works the same on any artifact. So, you could use the artifact for either a feature or plugin with the same effect.


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