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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for RC3 +3

Sorry for causing the confusion about the Swordfish features. We were approached by the rt-pmc to reduce the number of our top level features. I only commented them out to have a simple fallback in case I screwed it up, but forgot to remove them after successful build. I removed them now.


Am 02.06.2010 um 21:50 schrieb David M Williams:

I just promoted a nearly complete RC3 +3 repo. Before it becomes our RC3 repo later today or Thursday, please test

That does not include the linuxtools build just contributed, but as far as I know, includes all else.
Oh, just saw emf-cdo contributed new build too.

But, there's a few things commented out ... that I did not even comment out this time, like I usually do.
Can "owners" explain:

I've lost track ... has emfindex withdrawn from release? Is a new build pending?

swordfish has a few features commented out of "RT" category but others still in the build. Changes pending or these features withdrawn?
<features href=""/>
<features href=""/>

I'll assume everyone is done after another run or two (let's say 7 PM Eastern). Let me know if anyone needs a little more time after that.


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