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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for RC2 on +3 day

Hi David,
we have an issue in our Xtext RC2 that must be fixed, so I'm currently building RC2a.
I think testing and promotion will took a bit, maybe 2 hours.

Best regards,

David M Williams schrieb:

Is it my imagination or are things going more smoothly this week?

I've just promoted the last "build" to

So be sure to test it now, if you've already made your contribution to make sure its there as you expect for RC2.
There are some errors that can "fail silently" :(
so there's no substitute for your final testing.

Remember "EOD" today is the deadline for contributions to RC2, so please post a note here if anyone is going to be late. (And, let's say 5 PM Eastern is the EOD deadline, if you need an exact time). I don't mind working a little late this one evening :) but appreciate being kept informed
of late status.

Thanks very much for the smooth week! but do let us know if there's complications I am not aware of.


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