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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Download stats for p2

Hi guys,

I am trying to enable this for Sequoyah and would like to know if I have done the right steps:
1) I have *manually* changed the <property name='p2.statsURI' value=''/> tag in the properties of the artifacts tag.
2) I have *manually* changed <property name='download.stats' value='org.eclipse.sequoyah.*.feature'/> tag in the artifact tag for those features that I want to see the download stats (only 3, actually).
3) I will substitute the current download and update site for the ones i have modified above.

After these 3 tasks, when will the statistics be recorded? Few minutes after the upload finishes?
Another question I have is if the stats server detects that the same request is coming in a short time from the same IP, so it doesn't count every hit from my company network, for example.

Is there anything I am missing? Should I do something else?
Thanks for your attention,

Daniel Pastore

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