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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Is there a reason to have org.apache.commons.logging 1.0.4 in the platform?

I think this discussion highlights another problem. All Helios contributors are dependent on the Eclipse platform. The versions chosen by the platform are therefore rather important hints to what versions the contributors should use.

The general rule of thumb for a contributor should be to resolve dependencies against the Eclipse platform first and if no viable version can be found there, only then consult what's in Orbit. In other words, a Helios contributor should be satisified with what the platform provides even if a later version is found in Orbit.

For this particular bundle we are lucky since it marked as singleton='false' which means that there is no install conflict. It will be very interesting to see what happens when more then one version of the org.apache.commons.logging bundle is installed. I wouldn't bet on it working flawlessly, but it might.

- thomas

On 05/20/2010 04:16 PM, Stéphane Bouchet wrote:

Looking in the httpclient page :
"Commons HttpClient 3.x codeline is nearing the end of life. All users of Commons HttpClient 3.x are strongly encouraged to upgrade to HttpClient 4.0."

looking at the dependencies, the last 4.0.1 comes with commons-logging 1.1.1 :)

Scott Lewis a écrit :
FWIW, Pascal and John A indicated, ECF is using the apache httpclient (3.1) and this dictates a dependency on commons logging 1.0.4. We (ECF, etc) would be completely willing to move some other mutually agreed upon version of commons logging, but there are some important subtleties: Since it's httpclient that depends upon 1.0.4, once a replacement version of commons logging was selected, someone would have to look for/test for regression in httpclient 3.1 in order to do so...since there's unfortunately no guarantee that httpclient 3.1 doesn't have a hard dependency on 1.0.4 (I'm not saying there is or anything...just that we don't know, and discovering something like that could be dramatically bad if the change was done cavalierly...especially this late in the game).

All this by way of saying...I think aligning on a version would be fine (I mean...other than the version upon which we're aligned now)...but it's unfortunately not trivial for us to safely change this dependency...particularly without some available resource to check/test for possible regression.


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