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[cross-project-issues-dev] Cleaning up


Some mirror maintainers are beginning to find their Eclipse mirror is quite large.  At least one maintainer has written me to ask what they can remove to reduce the size of their mirror.

Since Helios will add several Gigabytes of files to our ever increasing size, if there is any cleaning up you can do, that would certainly help. 

Files that no longer need to be mirrored (because of few downloads) can be moved to  In doing so, if your files preserve the same relative path under, you don't even need to change your links!
--> will look for file
--> if found, show mirror list
--> if not found, will look in for archive. and download will begin.

If you need assistance moving your files, of if you're unsure if some files still receive many downloads, please let me know and we'll help you out.



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