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[cross-project-issues-dev] Please update your Galileo builds to use latest R-build

I have just updated Orbit's downloads to declare the Recommended Build for Galileo SR2.

Sorry, a little later than the 1/25 I originally said ... just because I forgot ... no changes since 1/14.
The content of this R-build is the same as the similarly named M-build, M20100114021427,
but the R-build will be persistent. The M-build will be removed soon.  

While only a few bundles have actually changed  since the SR1 R build [1],
there has been changes to the way signing is done [2], so it is important we all use a consistent
set of bundles in our deliverables.

[1] Only these three bundles changed (in their qualifier, no new versions):,1.0.1, org.sat4j.core,2.1.1, org.sat4j.pb,2.1.1

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