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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] CVS vs Subversion

Subversion is supported at Your project lead can send a note to webmaster to sort out how to make this happen. You should get approval from your PMC as well.

It's worth noting that we are in the process of making Git an option as well. At some point in the not-too-terribly-distant future, we (the community) will have to decide which of CVS or SVN to retire in favour of Git.


Onno van der Straaten wrote:
I was wondering if it is an option to use Subversion rather than CVS on an Eclipse project. If it is, is it possible to migrate our CVS content to Subversion including the version history?

What is 'recommended'? At my site I very rarely see projects that are still using CVS so for me personally it makes more sense if I can use Subversion when I work on an Eclipse project.

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