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[cross-project-issues-dev] API change in jdt.core


jdt.core has recently (3.6M3) added this API:, IType, boolean)

If you are not calling this method you can safely disregard 
the rest of this message.

Mentioned method is currently being replaced by the following API:, IType, boolean, boolean, WorkingCopyOwner)

The previous method is now deprecated and will be removed before M5,
however adjusting to the change is easy, e.g., pde.ui will probably
want to change from

   searchScope = SearchEngine.createHierarchyScope(javaProject, superType, true, true, null);


   searchScope = SearchEngine.createStrictHierarchyScope(javaProject, superType, true, false, null);

Please note that the second flag has different semantics between
both methods: it now controls whether the focus type should be
included in the search scope.

For details see and the API doc
of the new method.

sorry for any inconvenience,

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