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[cross-project-issues-dev] Anyone need Orbit maintenance build for Galileo SR2?

Well, we do already know one Project that does, so we have started an M build in Orbit, for use in Galileo SR2.

We hope to keep any changes from last R-build to a bare minimum, but if anyone does have any fixes required be sure to let us know in Orbit. In other words, fixes currently in Helios will not automatically be put in the Galileo maintenance. If you need it, open a bug and get your friendly Orbit committer to update maps in "Galileo_maintenance".


Monday, 1/11 5 PM (Eastern Time).  First M-build promoted to "downloads" for use by those producing Galileo SR2 RC1. (Only known change, so far, is for some SAT4J bundles.)

Monday, 1/25 5 PM (Eastern Time). Final M-build promoted to "downloads" and renamed to "R-build" for use in all remaining SR2 builds.

Do use care, for your common Orbit bundles,  that "S-builds" (or, "I-builds") are continued to be used for Helios builds, while R-builds (or, for a short time, M builds) for Galileo builds.

As always, let us know if anyone has suggestions, or questions.


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