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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Helios: who's in, who's out?


I have updated the project list to reflect that only the OCL, UML2, and XSD projects will be participating from MDT.



On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 4:29 PM, David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

And, I really do mean that as a question. M4 was the "must be in" deadline, and most cases are pretty clear, but there's some lingering issues that need to be cleared up.

I have updated the "participating projects" table [1] but need your help completing it, and making sure its correct.
I could easily have errors in there, so don't be offended if my error shows ignorance about your Project ...
it's not your Project ... just my ignorance. :)

A. Portal Shortname

If there are question marks in this column for your Project, that does not mean that I do not know what the shortname is ...
that means you have not marked your Foundation Portal metadata that you intend to participate.

Some obvious omissions:

2. Reina
3. PDT (PHP Development tools)

If any of you three are not planning to participate, please say so explicitly.

In fact, please say explicitly one way or the other (with a "yes, participating", being
preceded by actually fixing your portal data!).

There are many question marks in
4. Modeling,
but there some may be due my general confusion about that part of the table.
I'm not sure what's "missing" and what's "wrong" in the table.
So ... Modeling rep ... please help fix up that section of table.

While "marking the Portal metadata" was a required step _before_ M4, I'm sure if its corrected in the next few days, no one will complain.

B. Project's build file name.

While trying to confirm who's in the build, and who isn't, I had to "map" build files to projects.
Please check that column to see if I have it right.
I actually think it might be better to rename the build files to match short names exactly.
It's pretty clear now ... but, just looking for ways to make things easier for so many projects.
I've opened bug 298259 [2] to discuss.

C. In M4.

One requirement to demonstrate ability to be "simultaneous" was to be in the M4 aggregate build.
I could have made some mistakes here, with my "Y" (yes) and "N" (no), so please check, and explain, in detail, if I did.
If it is correct, then those not in the build (N in the column) are not in Helios. At least as of now.
Your PMC will need to request an exception via your representative to Planning Council, and the
Planning Council will need to approve each exception.

There are several in Modeling (again, maybe in errors in table), two in Technology, and one in Runtime.

D. Other.

There are a few other question marks in the table ... Project Leads names, Release Engineers, and
others. For now, I'll assume those are just bookkeeping oversights, but should be corrected soon,

While its not in this table, be sure your projects plans (in standard xml format) are correct, and linked from Portal.

Greatest thanks everyone for making M4!


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