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[cross-project-issues-dev] Its going to be a late night!?

As I'm sure everyone knows, we are due to produce our "staging" repo today, and, you may not know, we are late.

Just to keep everyone informed (with as little as I know),
GMF is still trying to recover and should get a build in helios aggregation soon.

After that, hopefully STP will slip in with no errors.

Of those removed due to OCL pre-req mismatch, that leaves
 <contributions href="">
that needs to go back in, and I'll certainly try it, but I think last time I did, it still had
the wrong OCL prereqs? Its .build file hasn't been updated,
and I don't recall hearing any news about it.

So, after all that (3 AM or so?) that will be our M4 staging repo.

With all the Helios content in.

Keep your fingers crossed.

I'll confirm once all that's done, if I don't fall asleep :)


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