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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Helios M3 is done ... for real this time

I've put M3 content at /releases/helios. It has mirrored to about 25
mirrors, so it should be ready to use and test.

Let me repeat that last part ... test. 

The first, most basic test is to install something minimal, such as
Eclipse-Platform M3. Then use the pre-populated "available software sites"
for Helios, and see if your expected stuff is there and installs.

Now let me emphasize part of the above ... test! 

Another good test to do would be to install an M2 version of things, and
then see if everything updates as you expect, now that the repo contains

And, once more with feeling ... test!!

For the first time, in response to popular demand, we leave old content
there at the site. Granted, its only as old as M2 this time, but it should
allow testing of rollback scenarios. In addition, it would be good for
someone to test (or figure out how to test) performance of "composite
repositories". We've had partial composites before, but not the whole
release train. We will eventually not leave milestone content around
forever, but these milestone composites are the way we'll test and confirm
things to allow permanent content from release to service releases.

Test now to make sure omissions and the worst errors can be fixed by M4.
If your stuff seems to be missing from M3, it may be because at some
point I removed it from failing Helios builds. If that's the case, 
I'll need you to tell me when its ready to add back. 

And remember, there's only 20 shopping days left, at most, to M4! The M4 
cycle is a little shorter due to the holidays, and in particular there is 
only one week, instead of two, between the +0 deliveries and the +4 

So now is the time to get started ... with testing! :) 

Much thanks to everyone contributing to (and testing!) Helios. 

David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
11/12/2009 12:15 PM
[cross-project-issues-dev] Helios M3 is done ... sort of
Sent by:

I just wanted to keep all informed on status. 
According to our schedule (and having not heard of exceptions) Helios M3 
is done ... or, at least "closed". 

The repository site is (still) at 'staging'.

I want to work on how the content is "rolled out" as described in a few 

and should have time late Friday or over weekend. 

Also, I have not seen any "epp" nightly builds so far,
and assume Markus will update us soon. 


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