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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Permissions problems on

I wonder ... Are you being too helpful? 

What if the fix-permissions script never ran, and we slowly
transitioned to expecting everyone to do it right from the

As it is, someone may be uploading it "wrong", its auto-fixed for
them, and this works fine for a long long time, they don't even
realize its not done right, but instead cleaned up for them, but
then when once not auto-fixed (due to server overload) that is when
the "problem suddenly appears" ... and the releng teams shout "we
didn't change a thing, and it used to work just fine, what changed
in the infrastructure". And by the time the shouting has died down,
and the explanations given, several hundred gigabytes have been
wasted copying, deleting, and then copying again full directories
to the 70 mirrors.

But, by then, everything is working again, so (some) teams decide
since its not raining right now that they will fix the roof later.

This could be "rolled out" slowly, so first, say, webtools wouldn't
be auto-fixed up, then we (yes, you and me) would work to inspect
things, make sure I'm setting thing right, etc. And then move on
.... to modeling? Or who ever.

This, or similar plan, would "force" teams to code things correctly
(and set their umask bits correctly, which I'm now an expert on (ha
ha)). I would seem to end up in a better infrastructure in several
months (and then stay that way over the years as we grow to 10
million files! :)
Naturally, you could still be helpful on request, both in education
and if someone "messed up" (or, just give them a safe script to run
for "post fix-up"). Perhaps the "auto-fix-permissions" script could
be changed as a sort of "audit" tool (and would not have to run
very often at all to spot teams not doing it correctly).

There's probably even other rsync "tips" we should codify ... such
as do NOT use -t when rsyncing to 'downloads'! As "smart" as that
sometimes is, it is contradicted by our mirroring system ... since
"old" files will "appear" to have been there the last time a mirror
synched up, but won't be, so users get 404 errors from mirrors ...
and I didn't learn that until just this year!

What do you think? 

"Eclipse Webmaster (Denis Roy)" <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cross project issues <cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
10/19/2009 09:35 AM
[cross-project-issues-dev] Permissions problems on
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We've been getting complaints [1] from our mirror sites that many 
Permission Denied errors are occurring when syncing with  When you upload your files, please ensure that they 
are world-readable (rw-rw-r), and that directories are world-readable and 
executable (rwxrwxr-x).

If you use RSYNC, you can simply set your permissions correctly prior to 
rsync, and use the -p option with rsync.  Please note that it is not 
acceptable to remove file permissions to 'hide' content on If it's there, it should be open to all.

We have automated scripts to fix such anomalies, but since now has over 1 million files, these scripts cannot 
run as often as they used to.

Thanks for your help!


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