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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] 404 File Not Found on

/gmf under /technology smells like a REALLY old bookmark, since it's also in /modeling/gmf/.

As to the 600K /modeling/emf/ hits... are any of those for javadoc?

I'm guessing there's a reference in some p2 metadata pointing at those old, obsolete feature jars. Or it's p2 looking for jars before falling back to packed jars, in which case I need to look at making the metadata NOT point at .jar when there's a .jar.pack.gz available (and no .jar as well).


Eclipse Webmaster (Denis Roy) wrote: is sending 28.6 million "404 Not Found" responses per month. The vast majority of 404 errors are responses to Eclipse Update, not a web browser. Is all this just caused by users attempting to update older versions of Eclipse, which have been moved to the Archives? The number seems quite high, but it's not causing me any problems specifically. I did want to mention it in case something was broken.

Here are the top "offenders" per top-level directory name, for *yesterday*. The list that follows shows the second level of directories).

772,000 /modeling (in order: /modeling/emf... 600K, /modeling/mdt... 16K, /modeling/gmf... 8K)
184,000 /eclipse (/eclipse/updates/3.5... 150K)
160,000 /technology (/epp... 90K, /dash 16K, /gmf 5K)
75,000   /tools (/updates 23K, /cdt 13K)
40,000 /releases
16,000 /webtools

Below is a breakdown of the top 5 Not Found files per top-level directory:








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