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[cross-project-issues-dev] EPP Helios M2 packages

Something that we never had before: A working p2 repository from the very beginning on.
Even better: We now have EPP packages with a snapshot of the Helios M2 content! - build 20091002-0501

"There's not been much testing" is not only valid for the Helios repository, it is valid for the packages, too. But on the other hand this allows us to get as much early feedback as possible.

Thanks to all who helped to make this happen, especially to David and to Thomas!

Regards, Markus

P.S.: I didn't ask the package maintainers to do their usual testing of the packages and there are many "known issues", e.g. they will start with a "Galileo" splash screen, have links to Galileo p2 repositories, and after all not every package can be build yet.

2009/10/1 David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
I've promoted the M2 bits in staging to /releases/helios repository. Be
aware there's not been much testing, and I'd recommend waiting a few days
to allow these sites to replicate to mirrors before trying to use in any
serious way. Hopefully by next milestone we'll have some improved scripts
and procedures to stage the bundle data to mirrors first, before "making
them visible".

The EPP packages will be (re)built by tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this milestone.

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