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[cross-project-issues-dev] Will it never end! First SR1, now M2!

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for getting Galileo SR1 done. (At 
least, I think its done ... the mirrors seem to be filling up, and the 
bandwidth on is down to 90% instead of near 150% as it was on 
Friday and Saturday. Hopefully users will have more success this week 
getting up to date). 

And now it's time for Helios M2! Please make sure your M2 contributions 
are in place on time this week, so we'll have a chance to use it, make EPP 
packages, etc. As always ... let us know if questions or problems. 

And, yes ... it will end ... we'll have the relaxing M3 and M4 periods 
before needing to worry about the overlapping SR2 and M5 work in January. 

Thanks again, 

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