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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminder of Remaining Daze to SR1

We are getting close ... 

9/24 (Thursday): Promote Day. 

Staring at 9:00 AM Eastern start putting content on final download site 
(but do not make "visible" yet). Similar for your  final update 
repositories. We'll presume everyone is finished by 3:00 PM Eastern (let 
us know if you can not make these times). Mirrors will be populating 

9/25 (Friday): Release. 

Starting at 9:00 AM Eastern, content can be made "visible" and 
announcements made on mailing lists, news items, etc. 

= = = = =
Also, please note, the epp project is still waiting to hear "ok" for two 
packages: Modeling, and Reporting. (I'm cross-posting here to help make 
sure owners of those packages have the best chance to know they need to do 
that. Post response to epp-dev list, please). 
= = = = =

As always, let us know, via this list, if anyone needs help or has 


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