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[cross-project-issues-dev] Fw: [platform-releng-dev] SWT needs 3.5.1 rebuild

I'm forwarding this to cross-project for visibility since we are past the RC4 date for Galileo SR1 +0 projects. A bug fix introduced in 3.5.1 caused a worse problem than the one being solved, so this change is being reverted back to the 3.5.0 code. There will be a platform rebuild shortly with this single additional fix. If you have any specific technical concerns please comment in the bug. If you think this change shouldn't be made, please speak up here.


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Silenio Quarti/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
[platform-releng-dev] SWT needs 3.5.1 rebuild

We need a 3.5.1 rebuild to include fix for:
Bug 289488 Unexpected delayed Selection event after Table was hidden in

This changed was approved my Mike Wilson and Daniel Megert.

The fix is released in the branch and the map file is up to date.

Thank you
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