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[cross-project-issues-dev] Re: [pde-dev] Re: [dash-dev] Re: [buckminster-dev] There must be 50 ways to build your project... or leave your lover (was Re: Moving GEF to Athena (was Re: [gef-dev] Re: Last build on emft.eclipse.org today))

I've also been asked to look at a better approach to target provisioning prior to building. Today, we unpack an Eclipse SDK zip + any referenced SDK/runtime/update zips, p2.director install from referenced update sites / zips any required features, then start fetching sources and orbit bundles. But requiring an SDK when you're running in Eclipse is not the best scenario for RCP and equinox people, so we've started discussion here:

This is a good example of build overlap.  There is also some discussion on PDE/Build about using a target definition file to provision your target before building:


I don't know if it makes sense for Athena to first provision your target (and then use the results of this as a baseRepoLocation / pluginPath), or if PDE/Build should support this internally. 

The fact that this conversation is spanning 3 lists shows a great deal of overlap between these technologies.


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