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[cross-project-issues-dev] Be sure to test staging frequently this week for categories

In addition to the usual reasons, I'd encourage everyone to frequently 
check the /releases/staging repo this week, to make sure your features are 
being categorized as expected. 

Yesterday, I encountered a problem where ... as best as we can tell ... 
some error had existed in the build model, for a long time, but the 
categories kept being generated correctly until some other, unrelated, 
change was made, and then suddenly some features were not showing up in 
the categories they were supposed to be in. See bug 280384, and others.

Hopefully all is correct now and won't re-appear ... but it just makes me 
cautious, so thought I'd make you cautious too. :) 

As I'm sure you know, we won't be promoting to  /releases/galileo until 
Final Daze says to. You do know when that is, right? If not, see 


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