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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Download stats and p2

> ... becomes a single point of failure for all downloads ... 


Need you say more? I think our whole download/update/distribution system 
has way too many points of failure already, and is a frequent point of 
complaint, bugs, and dissatisfaction with general community, and can not 
bare yet another weak link. 

It might be interesting to experiment with ... for next release! But 
please don't make such a drastic change in the final days of this cycle. 
It is way to risky. 

Also, it sounds like it would require more work from each project, and I 
can not commit WTP to that extra work, at this point. 

Or, maybe you are talking about next release ... if so, then never mind. 

Thanks for being public about the discussion. 

I think it would help to be clearer on what problem is attempting to be 
solved, and possibly coming up with other, completely different solutions. 
For example, "legal requirements for export restrictions" would be one 
thing (and pretty sure that's not the reason). I could imagine many 
reasons why "Inability to accurately track downloads is a huge concern for 
the Eclipse Board." but maybe best just to hear why that's suddenly a 
concern. It has been that way a very long time. Even with the download.php 
file system, the numbers are approximate. If very accurate counts are 
required, I think the solution is to do away with the mirroring system, 
and "the board" agree to pay for a big server farm where we could analyze 
the logs all we want. 

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