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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Couple of questions on 'branding'

In fact,
the "feature update image" was shown by Classic update manager when showing the Properties of a feature. p2 no longer shows the image on the corresponding property page -- see attached two screenshots.
I'm not exactly sure whether no longer showing the image is actually intended. Supported Platforms and WS are also missing in the p2 feature properties.
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1. The feature image is for use by an installer to show a graphic associated with a feature before it is installed. I don't think p2 currently uses it, but I seem to recall WTP uses it for server adapter installation. I think people should continue specifying it. There is documentation on this here:

2. Where you probably see a variety of images is in a feature branding or product plug-in (feature.xml only allows a single image). A product can specify an array of images, and Eclipse will pick an appropriate image size and type depending on what OS you are running in. These images are used for a variety of things - the window title bar image, the about dialog, the image used in things like Alt+Tab on Windows, etc.  See org.eclipse.ui.branding.IProductConstants#WINDOW_IMAGES for details. I don't specifically know where GIF versus PNG is used, but I'm guessing it also depends on what OS is running - perhaps there is some platform that doesn't support png...


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[cross-project-issues-dev] Couple of questions on 'branding'

Sorry for these basic "user questions", but am hoping for some quick
answers to get in this release.

1. I've seen several cases of an 'image' attribute in feature elements.
But I can find no documentation for it.
Is that just some old thing that's currently ignored?
Or is it an undocumented function we should all mimic?


2. I've seen a number of places where both a 'gif' and a 'png' is
Why both?
Do we have to provide both formats?
Or is 'png' enough?



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