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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo Release Train Meta Data

Nathan, I've added a note to our "intent" bugzilla to document that 
marking the metadata is one step in declaring the intent to participate in 
Simultaneous Release. The other step is coming up with the project plan in 
XML format (but, that might be a requirement for all project releases now, 
I don't recall). We'll "mine" these bugzilla items as we develop the items 
for next year. 

One thing that is not clear, though, is what "level" to mark; top level 
project vs. sub-project. I assume this should be the same level as 
represented in the project status page at, right? (I'll admit, 
I'm not real sure where those columns come from though :) 


"Nathan Gervais" <nathan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
"'Cross project issues'" <cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
05/14/2009 10:32 AM
[cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo Release Train Meta Data
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Afternoon Devs,
I?m in the process of preparing some of the Galileo pages for the launch 
and need your help. 
If your project is part of the Galileo Simultaneous release could you take 
a few minutes to go into the portal and modify your project meta-data to 
set your project to be part of the Galileo Release under the 
simultaneousrelease field. 
This will be a yearly task, would it be possible to get this inserted into 
the documentation for joining the release train?
Send me an email if you need help with getting the key added to the portal 
and I?ll be happy to guide you through the steps in the portal.
Nathan Gervais - nathan@xxxxxxxxxxx
Web Developer 
The Eclipse Foundation
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