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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Plans for RC1, Day +3

Friendly reminder that today is last chance to submit content for RC1. 
Most of you have, a few haven't, and there's no way to know if 
it's still coming, or there's just no changes from your M7 contributions. 

If you intend to release, and can not make it by, say, 5 PM Eastern, 
let us know. Otherwise, shortly after that time we'll consider RC1 done. 

There is a 'staging' site available at 
if you'd like to check that your expected content is there 
and showing up as expected. (Please, use sparingly, just 
for sanity checks, as it hasn't replicated well yet). 

I'd like to remind those committing .build files (because I 
forget myself) that it is very easy to do a quick check in 
your own development environment using the directions at
It is true to get set up might take you 30 minutes, but after 
that, it just takes 5 minutes to check that your submission or 
that your update site will not immediately break the build. That's 
not only handy, but a great stress reliever,
(and, yes, mostly my stress, apparently :). 
As we get into these final daze, only a few hours of "down time" 
due to broken builds can effect many people (and cause me to 
lose sleep), since we have 36 projects all trying to release 
updates in a narrow window. 

Thanks all

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