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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Signing from Hudson-initiated builds?

Yep, all the Athena builds do signing. In your parametrized Hudson job, set the BUILDTYPE variable to I, M, S, or R and you get signed bits. Leave it defaulted to N and your unstable Nightly will be done ASAP w/o having to wait in the signing queue.

Additionally, I gleamed the cube a little by making signing on use local file paths instead of ssh connections so it's less prone to network hiccoughs and runs faster. (The SSH stuff is there for building on a vserver and signing on

Let me know if you need the excruciating details on how to make this happen outside an Athena build, where it just happens magically w/o effort.

Oisin Hurley wrote:
Mickael from the JWT project had a question about Hudson signing
back in February [0]. At that time the security setup was a little more
casual than it is at the moment. There was a followup from Rich[1],
but I couldn't quite see how the signing issue was addressed.

Is anyone getting Hudson to do the build signing at the moment?


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