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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo dates

Hi Wayne,

I love the Google calendar for the Galileo dates:

It would be so cool if the criteria for the milestones /RCs / deadlines
were listed there, too.
Any idea who owns this calendar?



Wayne Beaton schrieb:
> Hey folks. Here are the dates for Galileo:
> *May 29*: Deadline for IP team to review all Galileo CQs
>    * The IP Team has committed to completing the reviews of all CQs for
>      Galileo by May 29th.
>    * Please respond as quickly as possible to questions from the IP
>      Team concerning your CQs to ensure timely processing.
> *May 29*: Deadline for submitting review docuware
>    * We understand that the results from the IP reviews may change the
>      contents of your docuware. If you need an extension, please let
>      emo@xxxxxxxxxxx know.
>    * If you can complete and submit your docuware ahead of the
>      deadline, please do so. This will give the EMO time to review it.
>    * If you need help assembling your review docuware, please contact
>      your PMC or emo@xxxxxxxxxxx.
>    * Projects are encouraged to make sure that their project metadata
>      is up-to-date in the portal [1].
> *June 3*: Deadline for submitting IP Log
>    * In order to provide projects with time required to put the
>      finishing touches on their IP logs, we've set the deadline for the
>      IP Logs to be three business days after the CQ deadline, and one
>      week before the release review date.
>    * Again, we ask that those project that are able to submit their IP
>      Logs in advance of the deadline to please do so.
>    * Please ensure that your project's IP Log is properly recorded in
>      the portal [1].
>    * Any projects that wish to use the Automated IP Log Tool [2] are
>      encouraged to do so. If you want/need assistance with the tool,
>      please contact emo@xxxxxxxxxxx.
> *June 10*: Review date
>    * Standard practice is to hold a review call only when requested.
>      Regardless of this, we're going to hold the review call anyway.
>      Please plan to attend. Anne will send out the details.
>    * The review call will be for Q&A only. Everybody please review the
>      slides in advance of the call and come prepared with your questions.
> *Docuware*
> Every project/component needs to send in a separate slide deck (if you
> have a separate ".build" file in the /
> project [3], then your project is considered to be a separate
> project/component). We also ask that you provide an additional
> "mini-deck" of three to four slides with an overview of your project.
> We will combine the mini-decks into an overview section of the
> Ganymede Release slide deck. We will archive the "normal" slide deck
> you send as your project-specific Ganymede release docuware, as well
> as include it in the Ganymede Release slide deck that is used for the
> review call.
> The due date for the slide decks is Friday, May 29. You are welcome
> and encouraged to send them in earlier! Please include both the source
> file (such as PPT, or ODP) and a PDF version of the slides.
> Thanks,
> Wayne
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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