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RE: [cross-project-issues-dev] Conflicting version requests in Galileo

There seem to be two kinds of conflict:

  (a) conflict where only the QUALIFIER is different
      This should NEVER happen and is an indicator that some
      project is consuming an outdated Orbit build, or did 
      not contribute libs to Orbit as required.

      Please always consume the latest stable Orbit build!

  (b) conflicts where some other version number is different.
      I can only agree with what John said here.

Regarding org.apache.oro specifically: this was used by 
DSDP-TM, but we got rid of it when we migrated from Commons 
Net 1.4.1 to Commons Net 2.0 (this was done for TM 3.1m7).

Other users of Commons Net may want to migrate to 2.0 too,
though they need to be aware that 2.0 introduces a Java5
dependency whereas 1.4.1 runs on Java 1.4. TmL might be
one project that might consider moving.

In the case of Commons Net, multiple different versions at
the same time should be possible thanks to OSGi classloading.

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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> Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] Conflicting version 
> requests in Galileo
> I'm doing some work with the EPP packages which led to that I 
> built up a 
> dependency graph from the Galileo M6 release. I was surprised 
> to find a 
> lot of conflicting dependencies (using the same ID but version ranges 
> that has no overlap). What is the policy in Galileo? Should this be 
> permitted or must all projects agree to use the same version of a 
> bundle? I think it's asking for trouble installing two 
> versions of the 
> same bundle into the same runtime.
> Here is a list of the current conflicts:
> org.apache.commons.codec:osgi.bundle/[1.3.0.v20080530-1600,1.3
> .0.v20080530-1600]#OSGi 
> is inconflict with request 
> org.apache.commons.codec:osgi.bundle/[1.2.0.v20080530-1550,1.2
> .0.v20080530-1550]#OSGi
> org.apache.commons.httpclient:osgi.bundle/[3.1.0.v20080605-193
> 5,3.1.0.v20080605-1935]#OSGi 
> is inconflict with request 
> org.apache.commons.httpclient:osgi.bundle/[3.0.1.v20080605-193
> 0,3.0.1.v20080605-1930]#OSGi
> org.apache.commons.lang:osgi.bundle/[2.3.0.v200803061910,2.3.0
> .v200803061910]#OSGi 
> is inconflict with request 
> org.apache.commons.lang:osgi.bundle/[2.4.0.v20081016-1030,2.4.
> 0.v20081016-1030]#OSGi
> org.apache.commons.logging:osgi.bundle/[1.0.4.v20080605-1930,1
> .0.4.v20080605-1930]#OSGi 
> is inconflict with request 
> org.apache.commons.logging:osgi.bundle/[1.1.1.v20080605-1935,1
> .1.1.v20080605-1935]#OSGi
> org.apache.oro:osgi.bundle/[2.0.8.v200903061218,2.0.8.v2009030
> 61218]#OSGi 
> is inconflict with request 
> org.apache.oro:osgi.bundle/[2.0.8.v200803061811,2.0.8.v2008030
> 61811]#OSGi
> org.objectweb.asm:osgi.bundle/[3.1.0.v200803061910,3.1.0.v2008
> 03061910]#OSGi 
> is inconflict with request 
> org.objectweb.asm:osgi.bundle/[3.0.0.v200803061811,3.0.0.v2008
> 03061811]#OSGi
> javax.wsdl:osgi.bundle/[1.5.0,1.6.0]#OSGi is inconflict with request 
> javax.wsdl:osgi.bundle/[1.4.0.v200806030407,1.4.0.v200806030407]#OSGi
>[4.0.1.v20090109,4.0.1.v20090109]#OSGi is 
> inconflict with request[3.4.0,4.0.0)#OSGi
> javax.xml:osgi.bundle/[1.3.4.v200902170245,1.3.4.v200902170245
> ]#OSGi is 
> inconflict with request 
> javax.xml:osgi.bundle/[1.3.4.v200806030440,1.3.4.v200806030440]#OSGi
> org.apache.xml.resolver:osgi.bundle/[1.2.0.v200902170519,1.2.0
> .v200902170519]#OSGi 
> is inconflict with request 
> org.apache.xml.resolver:osgi.bundle/[1.2.0.v200806030312,1.2.0
> .v200806030312]#OSGi
> org.apache.xml.serializer:osgi.bundle/[2.7.1.v200902170519,2.7
> .1.v200902170519]#OSGi 
> is inconflict with request 
> org.apache.xml.serializer:osgi.bundle/[2.7.1.v200806030322,2.7
> .1.v200806030322]#OSGi
> javax.wsdl:osgi.bundle/[1.5.1.v200806030408,1.5.1.v20080603040
> 8]#OSGi is 
> inconflict with request javax.wsdl:osgi.bundle/[1.4.0,1.5.0)#OSGi
> Regards,
> Thomas Hallgren
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