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[cross-project-issues-dev] The new BuckyBuilder is in production

The new Buckminster base builder for Galileo is ready and has been 
switched to -production mode. For details on this Builder, see

Here is how it effects you and your submissions to Galileo. 

A. The method by which you contribute to the build is the same, 
described in

B. The method by which you contribute to capabilities is the same, 
described in,

C. It is now possible for you to do a "local build" in just a few minutes, 

before you commit your .build files to HEAD, so there should be fewer 
for broken builds. I suggest you use "-verifyOnly" for your local builds, 
and that will catch most common errors, and that is the one that will 
complete in just a few minutes. To do a full local build can take from 
2 to 4 hours, depending on the size of your pipes. So, I'm fine with you 
doing a -verifyOnly test on your local machine, and if that works, commit 
and see how it goes. See

D. This build is setup in the Hudson builder, see 
I've set up the Hudson based auto-build so that it will run once every 15 
minutes, if something 
has been changed in the project (where the 
.build files are). We can 
tweak the timing as we gain experience. 

E. Here's a couple of requests on process: 

1. For now, there's little gained from updating your common bits after 
every one of your builds. I'd prefer teams update the common site only 
when they are ready (or near ready) to declare their final milestone or rc 

2. If there is a problem with your submission, you will receive an email 
within an hour. If you get such an email, the expectation is that you fix 
it within an hour, and re-submit (or revert). If you can not (e.g. can't 
figure out the problem, or, even, if the email doesn't "belong" to you) 
then please post a note to cross-project so everyone knows what's going 
on. Corollary: be sure you have an hour or two "still at work" after you 
do a submission. Don't commit to HEAD late Friday and then leave for 
relaxing long weekend! 


As always, questions and suggestions are welcome. 

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