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[cross-project-issues-dev] Capabilities in Galileo

The current way of managing capabilities in Galileo is somewhat external to an otherwise very clean and straight forward process. In order to add capabilities today, the contributor must:

1. Create a capability bundle.
2. Add this bundle to the org.eclipse.galileo feature
3. Add an entry in a map in the

The build contribution is not used at all and two new artifacts that are foreign to the project are introduced that a contributor must be aware of and maintain. The approach also requires that the builder now must check things out from various places in CVS and SVN and build them from source. That in turn, increases the complexity, the size of the builder, and makes the build much slower.

I have a proposal that will make the build contribution the sole interface between the contributor and Galileo, and retain the builder as a mean and lean P2 verifier/assembler. Each project would instead do this:

1. Create a capability feature that includes the projects capability bundle (or bundles). The name of the feature must end with ".capabilities". 2. Add this feature in the build contribution, just like any other feature but without any categories.

That's it. No map file entries and no need to add anything to the org.eclipse.galileo feature. Behind the scenes, the Galileo builder will collect everything included in the ".capabilities" features and include that in a generated "org.eclipse.galileo" feature.

Does this seem reasonable?

Thomas Hallgren

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