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[cross-project-issues-dev] Latest status and outlook of Galileo builds

There is a new staging site available with the latest of the Galileo 

It is pretty much what was available before (from the /releases/galileo/ 
site) except Riena has been added, and several more projects have added 

The next big wave of updates for M7 are scheduled to happen between May 1 
and May 11. 

In a perfect world, we'd do weekly updates of our staging site, but I 
think given where we are, there's little usefulness in that, especially 
since the current build takes so long, it's quite a bit of effort to 
produce a simple update. 

Does anyone disagree or need to do updates before 5/1? 

In the mean time, of course, you can always improve your own build 
processes and test your own update sites. 

Hopefully before 5/1 there will be improvements in the build system so the 
"Galileo build" can happen faster and projects can know quickly if their 
content breaks the build. (bug 270058) 

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