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[cross-project-issues-dev] There is an Galileo M6b update site available

I've updated 
with all the latest from the Galileo build
(and it is well mirrored --  number of http and ftp mirrors:  53   for 
/releases/galileo )

As far as I know, all M6ish content expected to be is there and installs.
With the exceptions listed below. 

Projects should test what's there and make sure things are as you expect. 

Please don't update to post M6 content until directed (probably in about a 

If you find something in current build files that needs to be fixed, 
please open a bug, with patch attached, so it can be applied at 
the best potential time (instead of multiple changes taking place 
unexpectedly). I'm hoping some improvements to the whole build and process 

can also take place this week, so it'll be less sensitive to changes and 


= = = = = 

Known exceptions:
Anthony said he'd work through these week of 4/6
Some pre-req errors, or something.
complicated issues



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