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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminder and instructions to complete G-bugs

G-bugs: those celestial canaries describing our progress towards nirvana. 
Or, in other words, the bugs listed in our Galileo status chart:

As you can see in the chart, the canaries are telling us to get out while 
we still can! I exaggerate ... more than half are green or have some 
status ... though it should be about 80% by now. 

But I wanted to remind people to complete them and get them to some 
resolved state, especially, obviously, for those past due for past 
milestones. From reading some of the yellow ones, they either say nothing, 
or say something that sounds like maybe they should be marked 'fixed'?! 

Maybe it would help if I gave some instructions on how to make progress. 

For one, if you don't think you'll be able to do something ... or, you 
think maybe there is a 50/50 chance you'll be able to pull it off at the 
last minute, then don't wait, just mark is "won't fix" and give some 
explanation as to why. Almost any reason will do, "not enough time", "not 
enough people", "we don't know what this means", "doesn't apply to us" ... 
what ever. (And if a miracle happens and you do it later, you can change 
the status then). 

This at least allows others in the community (planners and adopters) to 
get a better idea of what's coming. 

One prime example, that many adopters are very interested in, is the 
"accessibility" item. Due at M4! And only half the projects have marked 
anything. And it's so easy, do you design and test for accessibility or 
not? [am I missing some complication that makes this hard to say? If you 
don't know what accessibility means, mark it as "won't fix" and just 
explain you don't know what accessibility means. Then we'll know to work 
on that for next year!]

Here's another tip ... next year we'll be more explicit ... in bugs such 
as the one for "builds reproducible by others", nearly everyone just said 
"yes" and marked fixed. Why not give a link to instructions for how to do 
it? I'm pretty sure none are so easily reproducible that it's just 

And, don't forget, if there's every any questions or issues, feel free to 
ask here on this list ... someone will know the answer or be able to help. 

I guess you get the idea if you've read this far ... which is that I'll 
keep sending nag notes until it's done! :) 

Thank you all very much! Seriously! 

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