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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook of Galileo builds

We are making progress!

Most projects that are expecting to be in the build currently are (from what I can tell).
You might check the listing at
(but there's currently no "site" to test installing).

We think we've figured out issue with buckminster and trying a build now ... which won't be done till this evening :(

After that, I'll try re-adding

I'm expecting these three to be fixed (early?) next week

If there are others that are not listed or mentioned, please let me know.

By mid-next week, I suspect we'll be close enough to start "moving up" to M7 content.
Until then (that is, until requested) for those of you that are "working",
please leave your .build files and the sites they point to unchanged, so we can
get some more builds done changing only a few things at a time.

Thanks all,

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