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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Question about Galileo Build

I guess I could have also mentioned that, if I did things right, the very
latest successful build from Galileo is at

that should be one small step beyond what is in our M6 version at

> > * - not in galileo build file. is this now obsolete?
> > replaced by m2t-accelero?
> >  
> That's right, m2t-mtl is now obsolete and can be removed from the CVS,
> should I go ahead and delete it ?

I just have removed it. Thanks for confirming.

> > Is there any href I 'm not aware of ?
> I think that you can find some logs in the job workspace, at
> I just changed the configuration in Hudson so that this file should be
> archived for each build. I hope Richard and David won't mind.

Nope. I don't mind. How'd you do it? Maybe it's obvious to others, but

not to me. Perhaps you could start a " Hudson configuration page" on the
eclipse wiki where people could make notes of what they've done to hudson.

> I also have a question:
> In this log, we can see that several, but not all, features have a
> message telling
>      [exec] install.feature:
>      [exec]      [exec] Installing /* THE FEATURE */.
>      [exec]      [exec] Operation completed in XXXXX ms.
> What does those lines exactly mean? Or, more specifically, does that
> mean something when they are not displayed (these lines don't appear for
> JWT...) ?

I do not know, specifically ... but doesn't sound good :)

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