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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [Hudson] access to Hudson build configurations is public

Per-project / per-job security would be nice, in that I won't be able to muck about with the Galileo or STP jobs anymore, but that also means I can't *look* at your configs in order to steal, er, borrow ideas (actually, there are ways around that too, but I won't reveal my hacks here - hint: it involves config.xml files). :)

Found this on hudson security, fwiw:


Oisin Hurley wrote:
Try now -- you won't even be able to reach the URL without logging in:

Ok, I can confirm this works - asks me to login :)  Looks like
we are sorted and don't have to resort to an update of the Hudson
just yet.

Thanks Adrian for spotting that issue - we'll need to update if
ever there is a thought of doing per-project security access or

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