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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo / Eclipse Platform repository issues

Title: Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo / Eclipse Platform repository issues
You are right, the Galileo build does not use, nor require, the p2 repositories provided by the platform, as it uses the SDK as its base.

On 3/10/09 8:47 AM, "Markus Knauer" <mknauer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi *,

I am trying to use the p2 repositories of the platform team and the generated Galileo repository, but since a few days I have severe failures/problems.

(1) The 3.5milestones/3.5-I-builds etc. repositories are using the new composite repository layout ( but IMHO the repositories are inconsistent. E.g. eclipse/updates/3.5milestones lists the following children but none of them is there:

  <children size='3'>
    <child location='N20090303-1645'/>
    <child location='N20090305-1447'/>
    <child location='N20090306-1145'/>

I tried to consume them with the latest I-build I20090310-0100, but wasn't successful.

(2) It is not clear to me why the Galileo build is not failing. Obviously it is not using none of the p2 repositories.
  <contributions label="Eclipse">
    <contacts name="Kim Moir" email="kmoir@xxxxxxxxxx"/>
    <features id="org.eclipse.sdk" version="3.5.0.v20090202-7Q7bA7DPQ-nJD6V1BcTa0VNKvoomuLjMETt2u4z0hI8tv"/>

    <features id="org.eclipse.cvs" version="1.1.100.v20090123-7E79FBV9BJ99pAKG_13J33" category="//@categories.6"/>
    <features id="org.eclipse.pde" version="3.5.0.v20090123-7Z7YF8NFE-z0VXeYpohDfFNL" category="//@categories.7"/>

    <features id="org.eclipse.jdt" version="3.5.0.v20090202-7p84FGDFHmHulDaDz-tFp1nr" category="//@categories.1"/>

Any answers?


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