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[cross-project-issues-dev] Galileo must-do: The Babel Galileo train has been set up


As Babel participation is a Galileo must-do, your Galileo map files may now be entered into the Babel server.  Simply log into and use the FOR COMMITTERS link. The map file URLs you will be entering should be pointing to the HEAD stream and should be assigned to the version number you will be releasing in June 2009.

Once your map files are entered, the Babel server will crawl them every night and pull all the externalized strings, making them available for translation. 

In June, once your code has been tagged as a release in CVS or SVN, we will update all the map file URLs to point to the Release tag, not HEAD.  The Babel team will do this for you in June if you tell us what the tag is.  For now, don't worry about it -- we'll remind you later.

As an example, the Eclipse project would be defining the map files for Eclipse 3.5 using the "Download" link in ViewVC  HEAD:

For more information on defining your map files in Babel, please see the Babel FAQ for Committers or ask on the Babel newsgroup.

Denis Roy

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