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[cross-project-issues-dev] OSGi API change to rename method ConditionalPermissionInfo.getGrantDecision to getAccessDecision

This message is intended for users of the org.osgi.service.condpermadmin package. Please let me know if you are a user because I am unaware of any users in the Eclipse community at this point.

The method getGrantDecision() on the ConditionalPermissionInfo class has been renamed to getAccessDecision(). The getGrantDecision was a new method added during the Galileo release. Renaming the method does not pose a breaking change from the Ganymede release. But it will break any early adopters that may have been using the new getGrantDecision() method. Clients must change to use the renamed getAccessDecision() method.

I found no such client in the Eclipse SDK and I am not aware of any other clients in the greater Eclipse Community. I released the changes today and they will be included in the nightly build of the Eclipse SDK. Please let me know ASAP if you have any issues or concerns.



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