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[cross-project-issues-dev] Build server disk space at 95%


The Build server's /opt (/shared) disk array is at 95% full, with only 11G of space remaining.  This space also includes build user home directories (xxxBuild).  The current array is only 209 GB in size.

I have 1TB of disk space ready to be deployed for /shared and I would like to enable it next Sunday, March 8 2009 at 10:00am ET.  Although you won't need to change any file paths to use this new space, I ask that you do the following before Sunday:

- Reduce the amount of files you have in /shared to the bare minimum.  This will reduce the time it takes me to copy everything.

- Shut down all your build processes so that I can access your files exclusively

Of course, this new 1TB will fill up quite fast if no one cleans up after themselves. Cronjobs and the 'find' command are both great tools that can be used to clean up regularly.

I will post to this list on Sunday, both before and after the new storage is in place.


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