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[cross-project-issues-dev] RE: [eclipse-pmc] Branding Must Do for Galileo

For the Equinox PMC we decided that it was not helpful to group brand all projects in RT with one "Eclipse RT Project" brand. Similar to the Tools and Technology projects we have a diverse set of projects that we did not want to force all projects in RT under a single brand. Note that states that it is up to the project PMC to decide what to use for each project.


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RE: [eclipse-pmc] Branding Must Do for Galileo

Hi Tom,

Given that all providers which have the same about dialog icon are collapsed to a single provider name on the about dialog, it is my understanding that "provider name" should be the same inside each "major project". That being said, I'd expect something like "Eclipse RT Project" for Equinox, along with an icon specific for RT.

But my information might be out of date... or, Equinox might just be in a differnet category since it's expected to be in each and every Eclipse installation anyways, so there's not so much extra information to be conveyed.

copying cross-project for wider discussion.

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Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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[eclipse-pmc] Branding Must Do for Galileo

Eclipse PMC,

Please see The Branding must do ( requires that the provider for each feature and bundle be updated to something more specific than "". For example, in Equinox we updated ours to be " - Equinox". Does the Eclipse project need to update all there bundles to something other than "" if so what? " - Eclipse" seems redundant.

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