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CDO respin required (was Teneo features and plugins ARE on EMF update site, why can't Gany find them? (was Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Ok, now even I'm getting concerned ...))

In a strange Shyamalan'ish twist [0], the jars below have vanished, and Ganymede is still red after my respin. There is dirty work afoot.

I've asked Martin to spin a new Teneo build, which will put the jars back on the site.

Anyone who depends on Teneo (eg., CDO) may also need to respin if their dependencies are on the specific versions of now missing features listed below, rather than just Teneo 1.0.x.

Eike, you should respin anyway because your final 1.0.8 R build [1] isn't correctly listed in the release notes [2]. Increment to 1.0.9 and set alias to "1.0.9" rather than "1.0.8SR2". You should increment your features (runtime, sdk), check your MANIFEST.MF requirements on Teneo, and set your build-time dependency to the new Teneo 1.0.3 zip coming out shortly. Make sure you contribute the build to Ganymede (checkbox on promo.php) so that your .sc file will be updated.

Once a new Teneo and CDO are available, a respin of ganymatic-R3.0-I [3] should set things right.




Nick Boldt wrote:
That feature jar exists where it should be:

9003 nickb@node1:~/downloads/modeling/emf/updates
$ find . -name "*1.0.1.v200901081641-3-287D4JELbabMYObLWf3_udVVFG*"
./releases/features/org.eclipse.emf.teneo.sdk_1.0.1.v200901081641-3-287D4JELbabMYObLWf3_udVVFG.jar.pack.gz ./releases/features/org.eclipse.emf.teneo.sdk_1.0.1.v200901081641-3-287D4JELbabMYObLWf3_udVVFG.jar ./features/org.eclipse.emf.teneo.sdk_1.0.1.v200901081641-3-287D4JELbabMYObLWf3_udVVFG.jar.pack.gz ./features/org.eclipse.emf.teneo.sdk_1.0.1.v200901081641-3-287D4JELbabMYObLWf3_udVVFG.jar

$ find . -name "*1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM*"
./releases/features/org.eclipse.emf.teneo.source_1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM.jar.pack.gz ./releases/features/org.eclipse.emf.teneo_1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM.jar ./releases/features/org.eclipse.emf.teneo_1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM.jar.pack.gz ./releases/features/org.eclipse.emf.teneo.source_1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM.jar ./releases/plugins/org.eclipse.emf.teneo.source_1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM.jar.pack.gz ./releases/plugins/org.eclipse.emf.teneo.source_1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM.jar ./features/org.eclipse.emf.teneo.source_1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM.jar.pack.gz ./features/org.eclipse.emf.teneo_1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM.jar ./features/org.eclipse.emf.teneo_1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM.jar.pack.gz ./features/org.eclipse.emf.teneo.source_1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM.jar ./plugins/org.eclipse.emf.teneo.source_1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM.jar.pack.gz ./plugins/org.eclipse.emf.teneo.source_1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM.jar

I would guess the problem here was out of date metadata in the content.jar, which I've regenerated.

Or a mirroring delay between the nodes that make up Or some other nfs issue.

Can someone respin?


David M Williams wrote: seems to be working better now, but still no SR2 packages?
Are they ready and webpages just not updated?
Are you waiting for a green build from Ganymede?

Can "emf-teneo" please check their files to see what accounts for these errors?

[java] ERROR [0020] : No suitable provider for component org.eclipse.emf.teneo.sdk:site.feature/[1.0.1.v200901081641-3-287D4JELbabMYObLWf3_udVVFG,1.0.1.v200901081641-3-287D4JELbabMYObLWf3_udVVFG]#OSGi was found in searchPath org.eclipse.emf-teneo-sc [java] ERROR [0020] : Rejecting provider site.feature(${downloads}/modeling/emf/updates/releases/site-ganymede.xml): No component match was found [java] ERROR [0020] : No suitable provider for component org.eclipse.emf.teneo:site.feature/[1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM,1.0.1.v200901081641-78-77DUUEFLEMFDMz0kM]#OSGi was found in searchPath org.eclipse.emf-teneo-sc
[java] ERROR [0020] : Rejecting provider


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