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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] The Matrix Rehashed

Denis, I did use the approach that you suggested. I released the build yesterday morning.  However, I changed the dynamic index.php to a static index.html so the 3.4.2 build wouldn't show up on the download page yesterday.  I put the dynamic page back this morning.

You can see that the build is dated with yesterday's date.  Not sure why it's not on any mirrors.

kmoir@node1:/home/data/httpd/> ls -ld R-3.4.2-200902111700/
 2009-02-24 10:27 R-3.4.2-200902111700/


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[cross-project-issues-dev] The Matrix Rehashed

"There are no mirrors"

Eclipse 3.4.2 was announced about one hour ago.  As you can see by the URL below, there are no mirrors.

As I have posted previously, those top-10 projects whose download pages cannot delay advertising release builds until they are appropriately mirrored will need to seek a different approach.  Please refer to the cross-project mailing list archives for details, and possible suggestions.



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