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[cross-project-issues-dev] Release engineers, buildmeisters: New storage devices

Release engineers, buildmeisters,

We have successfully deployed our new storage devices. and now reside on a 16-disk, 4 Terabyte array.  With this,  I'd like to remind you of two things:

1. We always need to keep the footprint as small as we can, as the contents is mirrored to servers worldwide. Only high-traffic, recent downloads should be stored here.  Older, non-current files must be moved (not copied) to

2. With this new array, we have lost our ability to freeze the content for major releases.  This is only relevant to those top-10 projects whose download pages are dynamically generated by reading the contents of a directory structure.  Please see my previous posting about this [1] and you can also use this bug[2] as an example of a fix that gets our thumbs-up.

Thanks for putting up with our recent shenanigans. is back up at full speed now.



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