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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Running Galileo builds

Hi Richard,
Thanks for starting the build. The last unsuccessful attempt was mine :-)

Where do I find the targets that you mention on the Hudson page? Are they available somewhere (I just can't find them) or are you saying that we should not attempt to run the build from there at all?

Thomas Hallgren

Richard Gronback wrote:
For those who are trying to invoke Galileo builds through Hudson and not
having success...

There is a sequence to follow:

1. galileo.generate
3. galileo.fixperm (should run automatically after
4. galileo.publish (just pushes to a staging directory on the build machine,
not the main download site due to permission issues)

The error below is due to trying to invoke the build without generating,
which performs a clean of the build directory.  Yes, I know there are lots
of improvements that can be made here, but it works well enough for me.  If
you're interested in contributing, just say the word.

I've just run generate and build, so there's now a build in progress.


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